Monday, October 05, 2009

Scenes from my Bulletin Board•October

This month's bulletin board features My Life in Pink & Green Scholastic Paperback, Wimpy Kid Catalog page and ABRAMS web site banner, Hereville interior page, page 28 color proof of Mama, Is It Summer Yet?, Laura Lee Gulledge's upcoming debut graphic novel Paige by Page, Secrets of the Cicada Summer paperback cover sketch by Amy Bates, Map of ItalyVACATION!, Just Like Mama original art by Julia Gorton, Title page sketch for La Noche Buena by Angela Dominguez and lastly just because I like looking at it John Hendrix's John Brown which has received 2 starred reviews and was selected into the Society of Illustrator's Childrens Art show on October 22nd.


mai s kemble said...

like the cover sketch by Amy Bates a lot... :>

Anonymous said...

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