Sunday, October 11, 2009


The long dog days of summer are over! We spent much of the spring and summer working on Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days from the cover to the interior and then the intense marketing campagin. Finally we get to relax and celebrate our hard work. That is until book five . . .

But today is for celebrating. Charlie Kochman and I have been on a train since 6 am headed to my college town of Providence, Rhode Island for Jeff's first signing at the Providence Place Mall ( which was just being built when I was a sophmore). We are expecting a ton of people. It's going to be a long day. I'll be sure to post pictures ASAP.

Hope everyone enjoys the book.


#1 bestseller,
#1 bestseller,

Read today’s, October 13, 2009,


“A wildly popular series that resists easy moralizing.”

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Just in, the October 2, 2009


“Everyone’s Favorite wimp is back.”

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October 12, 2009, Publishers Weekly gives the series its 4th consecutive starred review!


“Kinney's gift for telling, pitch-perfect details in both his writing and art remains (such as the cursive script and cutesy content of Mom's photo album captions). No reason to think kids won't devour this book as voraciously as its predecessors.”

October 12, 2009, Book of the Day on <>

“Nods to reality add humor and depth to this title, consistent in style and substance with previous series entries, which fans new and old will savor.”


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More to come!


Mai Kemble said...

I think I saw a sign that he would be in Beaverton, OR on Oct 19th for his book signing... :)
congrats!!! :D

Jana said...

Well done! One of the fifth graders in my school read his copy straight through--took him 1 hour and 45 minutes. He LOVED it! said...

congrats, Mr. Beckerman!

missysue said...

This series of books is my son's favorite! he has checked every one out at the library at school, bought the "fill in the blanks" diary and when he saw this on the shelves at the store....he almost passed out, lol! Such an amazing feeling to see him so immersed in books!

Thank you, Mr. Beckerman ;o)

love + luck + bliss,