Saturday, November 06, 2010

The WIMPY KID Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloon Revealed

Recently I headed out west on a secret mission. What was that mission . . . ?

You guessed it. We went to check out The WIMPY KID Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloon. Below are photos of our sneak peek.

This mold reveals all the different sections that need to be sewn together for the balloon to take flight. See all the lines!

Above is the balloon model and the actual balloon in flight.

Inside the balloon head.


Today the ABRAMS team traveled out to East Rutherford, New Jersey for the first outdoor test of the Wimpy Kid balloon as well as training to become balloon handlers. The ABRAMS team including myself will be balloon handlers during the parade. Thanksgiving day promised to be a long memorable day.

Merle and Kristina held down Greg's foot with all there might.

Michael Jacobs


Anonymous said...

Greg! you are great!

atlanticmo said...

very cool

Phyllis Harris said...

What a fun job you have!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sneak peek! My kids and I loved seeing it.