Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tweet of the Day

My 10 year old cousin Grace has just started a book review blog. This morning she texted to tell me she reviewed Lauren Myracle's LUV YA BUNCHES. As I opend the link and the morning sleep fell from my eyes I read this jem of an opening line, "My cousin, Chad W. Beckerman, is an art director. He's not famous or anything, but he designs covers for books. " Amazing! hahaha!

It should be noted that I art directed Luv Ya Bunches But in fact Maria Middleton was the designer for the book. Ya have to fact check I don't care if you are only 10. Gawd!


Bookworm said...

this is the 10-year-old who needs to "get her facts right".
well gess what? since i am a sweet, precious, polite little angel, i decided to put you on my blog to say thanks.
come check it out

lauren myracle said...

"mild mannered"? hahahahahahaha!

but seriously. dude. you KILL me. all those books on your (awesome) site, and not one of them mine? +clutches heart and staggers backward, then goes and finds cute cousin person and hangs out with her instead+