Monday, September 10, 2007

Process and Refinement

It's been awhile since I posted anything about the BLOG novel I had been
working on. Since the last post I hired the amazing Christine Norrie who really brought this project to life. Here is the various incarnations of her work from start to finish.

Title page art



Leezy said...

Thanks for posting this! I think it's fascinating to see the way a jacket evolves, from initial concept, through various comps, to final.

The illustrator is awesome. I really got a sense of what was going on, too. I'd pick this up for sure, (even if I dare to admit stupid stuff like this happens to me all the time!) And I prefer this type of treatment rather than a typical 'straight' portrait shot.

And the fact that you carried the work into the interior is truly brilliant! It's the attention to detail that makes a project so much better and worth while in my eyes.


gail said...

Great to see the whole development. Thanks for letting us a a peek behind the scenes!!