Friday, May 11, 2007

Designing a Blog book

My latest project is called LIBBY FAWCETT'S SECRET BLOG by Shana Norris. ( The title will most likely be changing )
I am about half way through reading the book. All the while thinking of possible scenes or imagery that might make a interesting image. The first thought that goes through my head is the word Iconic. I think of this word every time I attempt a novel or picture book design. What does it mean? Simple, yet interesting. Do I always make this happen perhaps not but I try.
First I look at what else has been published in the genre of this book. Blog or internet books. I want to make sure that my design stands out from the rest ( At least I hope so ).

So how do you make a jacket about a blog and make it visually interesting? I am approaching it graphically. Much like some of the banners you might see at the top of some peoples blogs. And really making the type cool. I haven't ruled out any imagery just yet but I really don't want to place some half cropped girl's face or legs or arms or any other body part that seems to be popular in teen novels. That being said I have made a vow to never use straight stock imagery I think it really makes for a very bland image and doesn't stay true to the uniqueness' of the book.

I will report make in a week or so and show my results.

If any of you have certain blogs that you think might help please let me know.


fusenumber8 said...

" . . . but I really don't want to place some a half cropped girl's face or legs or arms or any other body part that seems to be popular in teen novels."

THANK YOU. Your sainthood is being sent to you in the mail.

So I'm very interested in this process. Do you create the covers yourself and then hire an artist? Is there ever a case where the artist comes up with the cover image? This is all so very fascinating to me.

CW said...

Everybody's process is different of course. Since I am also an illustrator ( I have illustrated numerous Novel jackets... Crack in the Line, Small Eternities, The Under wood See, Undine, Breathe and the up coming Delia Ephron's Frannie in Pieces and David Clement-Davies's Fell ) I come at a project from both sides, Illustrator and Designer. When I do hire an illustrator I give them a general direction that we would like to see the jacket go. Then I see what they come up with. Having both backgrounds helps me so much to communicate creatively with the illustrator.

Katherine Tillotson said...

Are you willing to share any of your picture book process?

Past Greenwillow projects would also be interesting.


Jennifer said...

Sure I would be willing to share how a picture book gets made. is that your question? And if you have A Greenwillow project in mind let me know which one.

Penni said...

Oooh, a blog novel, can't wait to see what you do with it. I've been thinking about it as a genre for a while, lots of potential.

monicalee said...

I have to comment on this...I think the most recignizable layouts would be from the preset pages or use the layout out from typepad's blog. I recognize them right away. But are most teens using myspace and not blogging? Anyway those are my suggestions....look at tons of blogs and let the repeat images get in your brain and bring in your "coolness" after you have dealt with the familiar. Hope I am not commenting too late on this!