Monday, October 04, 2010


Earlier this summer Jeff Kinney and his trusted team ( Charles Kochman, Jason Wells and myself ) took a trip to the Macy's Studios just over the Hudson river in New Jersey. Here they make all the floats and balloons that are seen in the parade Thanksgiving morning. It was like visiting Santa's workshop.

Jeff Kinney and team arrive at the Macy's Studio in New Jersey

Who knew the balloons started out as clay sculptures?
This was the first time Jeff was seeing his creation, Greg Heffley in 3D

Jeff works on the design of Greg's mouth

The original drawing by Jeff Kinney for the balloon. ( Below )

Macy's drawing of Greg in 3D

Sculpting tools

First a 3D clay sculpture is made.

Jennifer Palmer awaits Jeff's carving instructions

A figure is added to show scale

Charles Kochman lends his keen eye to the process


Jana said...

That is an amazing process. I have never thought about what goes into making those balloons. And if I had it wouldn't have been so involved. Very cool--thanks for sharing!

Amy June Bates said...

I love the simple clay sculpture.

Dan Santat said...


Christina Wald said...

This is so cool! I hope you continue to show the process. I am curious about how it goes from clay to balloon.