Thursday, November 29, 2007

instinct and intuition

"After reading half of this book sometime ago and then getting side track, I finally picked it up again. Mainly to get reacquainted with Dylan before seeing I'M NOT HERE.

I am currently reading the chapter where Dylan is lost with in himself. No longer enjoying is creativity or understanding it. "The problem was that after relying so long on instinct and intuition, both these ladies had turned into vultures and were sucking me dry" Dylan said. He was stuck unable to change and didn't know why or how to get back. But you can't resist change it will only pull you under. Feeling this pull he leaves a rehearsal with the Dead intending not to go back because he felt he had nothing to give. Until he goes for a walk in the rain, passing a small forgotten jazz club. He describes being "called" into the bar. After listening to an old jazz singer belt out lyrics with his natural force and relaxed attitude. Inspire or reminded of himself he begins to find his old confidence. To create from your instinct to let yourself flow with out your mind getting in the way. Almost and automatic reaction. Not resisting your natural forces. I think Dylan saw this was aware this simple notion that is easily forgotten.
His awareness of the moment struck me the most. To be opened to listen to the signs or callings around him. To not resist the pull. To be aware that signs or feelings might help or figure into helping him along. When we resist these we resist learning. Learning about what's next. Resisting change. And if we do we are forever stuck.

Okay on to the next chapter

Thursday, November 01, 2007