Monday, July 28, 2008

John Hendrix vs John Brown

John Hendrix has been hard at work this summer completing final art for his children's book about John Brown. Here is a sneak peak. This depicting John's relationship with Harriet Tubman, one of his greatest friends and allies. Due to her bravery and leadership, he called her "The General."

Publishes Fall 2009
40 pages of full-color illustrations

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Art Delivery, CITY I LOVE, Marcellus Hall

"Meet me at the corner of Orchard and Broome . . .and bring the art"

"Meet me at the corner of Orchard and Broome . . .and bring the art"
CITY I LOVE is a Spring 2009 book that Marcellus
is on the verge of finishing.
He did an amazing job! I can't wait to share some of the interiors
and sketches to show the process of this book.

Here he is delivering the final piece of art.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Muxtape mix

12 songs, 47:16 minutes

Marcellus Hall - The First Line
  • Christopher O'Riley - Thinking About You
  • 1:55
  • Wilco - Jesus, etc.
  • The Beta Band - Dry The Rain
  • The Clash - Spanish Bombs
  • The Magnetic Fields - Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
  • Hound Dog Taylor And The Houserockers - Lets Get Funky
  • The Beastie Boys - Shambala
  • The White Stripes - Hello Operator
  • The Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso
  • The Decemberists - Red Right Ankle
  • Sigur Rós - sæglópur

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Stars— The Dog Who Belonged to No One

A book that I am very proud of is coming into its own. Check it out.

The Dog Who Belonged to No One.
Hest, Amy (Author) , Bates, Amy (Illustrator)
Sep 2008. 32 p. Abrams, hardcover, $15.95. (9780810994836).
A “wisp of a girl named Lia” and a small alley dog are the principal players in this touching story. The
friendly dog wanders about town, but no matter how helpful he is, no one ever pays him much attention.
Lia is a lonesome girl who dreams up stories to serve as friends as she goes about her day. A fierce storm
propels the two toward a serendipitous meeting, to the delight of both, and thereafter they “belonged to
each other.” The pencil-and-watercolor artwork is homey and handsome, presented in glowing sepia tones
that suggest simpler times and quieter lives, until the storm washes the pages in deep and forbidding grays.
Throughout the book, the little pup is irresistibly, almost heartbreakingly cute—too cute to stay unloved
for long. The lesson, that you may not know you’re missing something until you find it, makes this simple
and eloquent story especially suitable for children who hold out hope for the day when that perfect dog
will cross their paths and warm their own homes.
— Ian Chipman

The Dog Who Belonged to No One receives a *STARRED* review in School Library Journal’s August edition as well!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventures with Steel Wool_ Creative process

Have you ever had a creative block? Can't write? Don't have a clue what to draw? Well you need to ask yourself have I really explored the other uses steel wool as?

Things you need.

1. Steel Wool.
2. A lighter.
3. A long rope.
4. A long arm.
5. A quite street corner.

Once lite the wool will only spark. But once you swing it around it will create an awesome light show. Just beware it does heat up and kinda burns if you get some on you but think of the photo you will get.

Okay, back to working for the kids.

p.s. Don't try this at home . . . go over a friends house.

Monday, July 21, 2008

NYT Essay I’m Y.A., and I’m O.K.

"Apparently, I had unintentionally slipped across an increasingly porous border, one patrolled by an unlikely guard. “The line between Y.A. and adult has become almost transparent,” said Michael Cart, a former president of the Young Adult Library Services Association and a columnist for Booklist. “These days, what makes a book Y.A. is not so much what makes it as who makes it — and the ‘who’ is the marketing department.”

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Intern "Lunch & Learn"

Oh the poor interns had to listen to me yap on for 45 mins. I am so sorry kids.

Some of the topics I covered.
My position at HNA
Educational background
How your work experience led you to this position
What is you do – big picture and day to day routine
Difficulties/challenges involved in what you do
How what you do supports other departments at HNA