Monday, June 29, 2009

New Photographer! Behind the Scenes.


I am always a fan of finding new talent and I believe I have found that in Morgan Levy's photography.

From Morgan's Blog Hopeful Monsters

"I am shooting a commissioned portrait this weekend which I am pretty excited about. Here is one of the backgrounds for one of two children. His paper costume is going to be a "space ninja" as he believes he is from a far off galaxy that exploded (Superman anyone?) and he and his brother were sent to earth in space ships and he is older because his space ship got here first. . . . Naturally. This image was created with support from Hekla, Iceland's volcano and the good people at NASA. The image is almost complete, some more small compositional things to tweak.

I had the good fortune to work with Morgan on
David Clement-Davies next novel SCREAM OF THE WHITE BEARS.
Morgan traveled to Iceland just where she photographed numerous images of the landscape which we used in the background image of the cover.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Photo shoot for ANXIOUS HEARTS by TUCKER SHAW

Photographer Jonathan Beckerman gives us a behind the scenes look at his photo shoot for ANXIOUS HEARTS by TUCKER SHAW.

Due out Spring 2010!

NERDS interior Sketches

Publish Post
Character sketch of JULIO "FLINCH" ESCALA

Now that the interior and jacket have been sent to the printer I have some time to share a bunch of sketches Ethen Beavers and I went through to get the illustrations in NERDS to be just right . . . for a nerd.

Dr. Jig and Ben Franklin Character sketches

Sensor Sketches.
To get to the next level these sensors test he readers worthiness to gain access. For example you have to wipe BOOGERS, SWEAT, and SALIVA among other things to have access granted. Gross.

More character sketches

Character sketches of JACKSON "BRACEFACE" JONES

Character sketches of HEATHCLIFF " CHOPPERS" HODGES