Thursday, June 25, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Photo shoot for ANXIOUS HEARTS by TUCKER SHAW

Photographer Jonathan Beckerman gives us a behind the scenes look at his photo shoot for ANXIOUS HEARTS by TUCKER SHAW.

Due out Spring 2010!


Jonathan Beckerman Photography said...

On a very warm summer day in Los Angeles my crew and I came together to build the atmosphere for the new Tucker Shaw novel," Anxious Hearts."

The beautiful Lauren Layne came from Missouri to Model as Evangeline Bellefontaine for the photo shoot.

We wanted to create a magical ethereal atmosphere in the forest. I wanted there to be a sensation of waiting or awaiting, longing for and of peering into, all as the day was comings to and end or as the day begins, however one chooses to view it. I see it like the end is the new beginning perhaps.

After all my interpretation of the book is that the story is about multiple life cycles of two soul mates concentrated by the seasons of love and how they help each other grow closer to that love over time.

The forest had to be created in doors because it is difficult to find a fall forest in Los Angeles in the winter or during any season for that matter.

Being indoors gave us the opportunity to work in a controlled environment which is always beneficial for lighting and overall comfort of the crew.

Ultimately, I wanted it to look like what it feels like to be daydreaming of your soul mate like how a gentle breeze of the ocean touches your face ever so naturally.


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. :)