Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Evolution of The Big Splash cover—Fall 2008

Final Jacket
Final color plus texture
First color sketch
2nd round of sketches. Turning Matt toward the viewer to add strength to his character.
Pulp type idea
Nathan Fox's first sketches Boy vs. Girl
First cover ideas with help from Tomer Hanuka

The Big Splash

The Story: Matt Stevens is as tough as a steak from the school cafeteria. He’s a seventh-grade private eye, and he just did something he thought he’d never do: He accepted a job from Vincent “Vinny Biggs” Biggio, the kid behind every deal made at Franklin Middle School, from black market candy to forged hall passes. Matt had better watch his back as he tackles a case with more twists than a candy addict on a swivel chair.

full of crime!
A school
full of suspects!
Will he crack
the case . . .
Or be the next

Written by Jack D. Ferraiolo
Edited by Susan Van Metre
Jacket Illustration by Nathan Fox
Designed By Chad W. Beckerman

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