Thursday, July 23, 2009

Behind the scenes_ Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog Days

Pre-Order signs

Jason Wells ( Publicity & Marketing Director as well as Wimpy Kid Mastermind)

They'll be there all night.

Laura Mihalick, Mary Ann Zissimos and Merle Browne work into the night.

Jason Wells and his team prepare to ship out over 2000 Wimpy Kid : Dog Day kits to book sellers.

Charlie Kochman ( Executive Editor) and Scott Auerbach ( Managing Editor) work into the night to put the final touches on DOG DAYS

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I love the figures standing all over the place. Diary of a Wimpy Kid reminds me a bit of Marissa Moss' style, but more sarcastic. Great blog, looking forward to keeping up!